Waste Incinerators

Waste Incinerators



  •  Unique design for all types of wastes
  •  Easy operation & maintenance
  •  Incinerator Exhaust gas emissions proper to E.P.A. and EU directives
  •  Automatic and manual incinerator systems upon inquiry
  •  Optional systems for electricity production from incinerators
  •  Solid waste sorting and processing equipments for municipalities

Mobil Waste Ininerator

Fully Mobilized Waste Incinerators...


  • In compliance with international standards combined with trailer...
  • Up to 1 ton/h capacity...
  • Withall necessary equipments for full mobilization;from  generator set to tool box, fuel tank to HSE equipments...

Waste Incinerator


  • Environmentally friendly and safe solution to get rid of waste instead of burying in ground
  • No smoke, nor smell and no pollution
  • Easy to operate
  • Can also be used to generate energy or steam


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Oil Separator

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Waste Incinerators

Waste Incinerator

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