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KZN Engineering...

is the sister company of the Turkish Kazancioglu Muhendislik Ltd. Şti. which was established in 1983.

KZN Engineering is authorized for the marketing and sales in Europe and Russia for Oil Separators, Lifting Stations, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Incinerators and MEP Projects including design, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Our Trade Policy...

is to ensure well developed and good quality products affordable at competitive price. The core of our trade policy is based on costumer satisfaction. 

Areas of Marketing and Sales

Our costumers are located in over 17 countries worldwide. Our strong markets are in the MENA region, where we have a network of professional agents  and representatives.

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Our Products

Oil Separators

Oil Separator

 An oil separator is a compact packaged device that removes the oil from water. The dimensions of the oil separators are calculated according to the oily water flow. The separated oils from the water are collected inside the separator unit while the water is directed to the effluent lines. 

Lift Stations

Lift Station

 Used to lift the sewage to a higher level when the sewer line is on a higher elevation. Our lift station system consists of a stainless steel tank, pumps, flexible connections , level switches and control board 

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment System

The system is compact and can be fit in a container or several containers next to one another if the capacity needed is large. Uses waste water / sewage as input and releases treated water from the other end good for irrigation. Can be used in factories, remote villages or cities where there is no municipal sewage network. Also in residential building complexes, hotels and working sites. 

Waste Incinerators


Can be used to burn out solid waste from production factories or municipal dumb sites, solid and liquid waste from slaughter houses, medical waste from hospitals, sludge from wwtp’s , chemical waste from chemical production factories.

Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment System

Used by remote areas (villages, camps and remote construction sites) to purify water from wells. Also can be on a larger scale to desalinate sea water (Government / ministry). 

Engineering Services - MEP Projects


Installation and Commissioning...

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